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65+ Supplements to boost your health

Compiled by Mark Causon

Doctors instruct people 65 years and older to get flu shots, eat a high-fiber diet and do strengthening exercises to stay healthy.
But of all the things older people can do, taking nutritional supplements ranks as one of the easiest. It’s one thing you can do that’s not too hard to do.
That’s important, since seniors need to do what they can to protect themselves from heart disease and cancer, the two leading causes of death among people 65 years and older.
Nutritional supplements not only help decrease the risk of certain diseases, but they also fill up what’s missing in a typical elderly person’s diet. It usually doesn’t have a sufficient number of calories to cover the essential nutrients. Older people tend to have a smaller appetite and usually eat only about 1,200 calories of food. Compare that with the 2,000 calories required to follow the food pyramid -- a recommended diet that includes a healthful balance of foods -- and the need for supplements is clear.

Vitamin B12
The supplement that nutritionists have been promoting most recently is vitamin B12, which in food depends on stomach acid to be absorbed. However, recent studies have shown that 10 to 30 percent of people 51 years and older have lower amounts of stomach acid, and therefore can’t absorb much of the vitamin.
But in supplement form, the vitamin doesn’t rely on stomach acid, making supplements a good way to make up for the lack. Otherwise, people who don’t get enough of the vitamin can suffer from anemia, other blood-cell disorders, and neurological disorders including memory loss and changes in gait.
Nutritionists recommend that all adults get 2.4 micrograms per day of vitamin B12, which is found mostly in meats. People 51 years of age or older should get most of the vitamin from supplements or fortified cereals.
Neuralta Plus Tablets and Neuralta Syrup by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris are food supplements containing Vitamin B12 and also other B-complex vitamins.

The B vitamin folate (Folic Acid) reduces levels of homocysteine, a molecule that is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and stroke. It is recommended that elderly people take 400 mg per day to supplement the amount of folate they may get from their diet.
Folate is found in dark green, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and fortified grain products such as pasta and flour. Foods with a high concentration of folate include spinach, orange juice and lentils.

Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a highly nutritious substance produced by larvae bees solely for the queen bee and Queen bees live exclusively on Royal Jelly and it accounts for their incredible size, fertility and longevity.
Royal Jelly is taken extensively to promote energy and health; it is recommended for patients suffering from high blood pressure as Royal Jelly normalizes blood pressure levels. It is especially important for the elderly, as high blood pressure is one of the health issues arised.
Eriglobulin Syrup by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris is a rich source of Royal Jelly and Folic Acid. Other products containing Royal Jelly are Candi B, Altatasterol and Neuralta Syrup.
It is also recommended for anti-fatigue and anti-stress, anti-allergy, strengthened immune system, healthier skin, hair and nails and more youthful appearance.

Fish Oils
Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA+DHA) help fight and prevent cardiovascular disease, arthritis and other chronic diseases.
Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids, which means that they are essential to human health but cannot be manufactured by the body. For this reason, omega-3 fatty acids must be obtained from food or from supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish and certain plant oils.
If your difficulty is in digesting the fish oil or you just cannot tolerate the taste, there’s no need to worry because now there is the perfect solution.
Cardiosterol Syrup by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, is easily digested, having a very pleasant taste of blueberry. The unpleasant taste of fish oil is masked by sugar free blueberry juice and sugar free honey.
Cardiosterol Syrup is a concentrate of Lecithin Soya and Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA + DHA), derived from Clupeidae fish oil. The acids EPA and DHA contribute to regulating lipid metabolism, whereas the Omega-3 is indicated in cases of reduced intake from alimentation, of such fatty acids. Conversely, Soya lecithin contains several essential phospholipids required by every living cell in the human body. Soya lecithin breaks down cholesterol and fats in the blood, allowing them to be effectively utilized by the cells of the body.
Cardiosterol capsules contain Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. This protects the cellular membrane and other body liposoluble parts such as cholesterol LDL from being damaged. Many studies have shown that a daily dose of Vitamin E helps in reducing the risk of heart attack.

Finally, elderly people need to keep their bones strong by supplementing their diet with calcium. Calcium reduces the risk of bone fractures, quite common in elderly age, and reduces risk of osteoporosis.
Many older people lack enough calcium in their diets because they can’t digest dairy foods, the primary source for calcium. Meeting the daily requirement of 1200 mg of calcium through other foods, such as broccoli, simply doesn’t happen.
For patients who don’t eat any dairy products or calcium-fortified orange juice, she recommends they get the full 1200 mg from supplements.
Silvia Osteo Plus Tablets by Alta Care Laboratoires – Paris, is a rich source of Calcium and is recommended especially for the strengthening of the bones.
Silvia Osteo Plus Tablets also contain Alghae Lithothamnia which helps in the remineralization, development and strengthening of the bones.
Taking dietary supplements is the perfect way to finish off your diet…one can make sure that his ‘RDA’ (Recommended Daily Allowance) intake is substantial and benefit from preventing the ever-arising health issues!
Silvia osteo plus tablets is made in France and is available in all pharmacies. For more information please call on 21312151, send us an email on or visit our website



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07 January 2009

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