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Altacura ginseng In ampoule form

Compiled by Mark Causon

The phytoextract ‘Ginseng’ is having an ever-increasing success in Italy and France by being sold in ampoule form.
Ginseng improves the body’s resistance to stress, improve memory and overall well-being, is found to be far more intensive and effective when administered in ampoule form, as opposed to capsules and tablets.

Why is this so?
Tablets or capsules go through the process of manufacturing: drying, compressing, adding excipients etc, and throughout this process, some Ginsenosides are lost and the chemical structure is slightly altered, resulting in less effective results.
In the case of Ginseng Ampoules, the extracts are fresh and not processed, and therefore the Ginseng is more active and more effective.

Taking Ginseng in ampoule form leads to better results as it as a more intensive treatment than any other Ginseng form available.
Altacura ginseng is available in ampoule form and even in capsule form. The capsule form is more economical but the ampoule form guarantees the fresh extract and enhanced activity. Altacura ginseng ampoules are the perfect option for people who prefer not to take ginseng in capsule form.

Altacura ginseng is made in France and is available in all pharmacies. For more information please call on 21312151, send us an email on or visit our website

Healthy Lifestyle with Nature Line

Nature Line Ltd, distributors of the renowned local Lamb Brand, have announced their Healthy Eating campaign. Following a season of festive indulgence and over eating, all eyes turn to weight loss. Lamb Brand is offering a range of products which could be part of a change in life style. The health authorities are strongly recommending moving away from fad diets and quick weight loss towards more permanent solutions and eating habits. Lamb Brand has always followed these recommendations closely.
In their attractive new packaging, Lamb Brand’s Legumes, Beans and Pulses Mixes are the ideal healthy option. This range of natural products in their respective green, red and yellow packets are easy to use and highly recommended by nutritionists, dietitians and experts in the field of nutrition. All the range is rich in fibre, low in fat and a source of iron and protein. They have no added preservatives or artificial flavours and are suitable for vegetarians.
To encourage customers to make the switch towards a healthy lifestyle, Nature Line are offering customers a free cloth bag with every 4 empty packets of Lamb Brand Legumes, Beans and Pulses Mixes sent to Lamb Brand, 30, New Street, Qormi. In return customers will receive a voucher to redeem their bag, which also entitles them to participate in a lottery with the chance of winning an ISD Solar Water Heater worth €1,420. This offer is valid till 15 February 2009.
Carmelo Cini, set up the Lamb Brand factory in the 1930’s. Since then, the company has grown at a very fast pace. It continues to renew itself through modern ideas and technologies. The Lamb Brand products have set very high standards in quality, packaging and branding. The philosophy of producing great products at fair prices has made Lamb Brand a leader in the staple foods market, competing directly not only with local but also imported products.
Nature Line Ltd also announced that new products are in the pipeline. More information can be obtained through Local TV viewers may follow recipes supported by Lamb Brand on the following TV programmes: 12.05 (Monday afternoon TVM), Matinee (Saturday afternoon One TV) and Ma’ Gloria (Thursday afternoon Net TV).



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04 February 2009

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